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Palo Santo Crystal Kit - Terra Soleil
Palo Santo Crystal Kit - Terra Soleil
Palo Santo Crystal Kit - Terra Soleil

Palo Santo Crystal Kit

Terra Soleil
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Cleanse your home with these handcrafted crystal and palo santo sets. These bundles are customizable so you can choose the number of sticks and the crystals you'd like.

If you do not list your crystal preferences, they will be picked at random.

- Choose Your Palo Santo -
1 Stick (Individual) | comes with one wire wrapped crystal
Bundle of 2 Sticks | comes with 2 wire wrapped crystals
Bundle of 3 Sticks | comes with 3 wire wrapped crystals

- Choose Your Crystals -
Amethyst // trust • intuition • spirituality
Citrine // happiness • joy • light
Clear Quartz // clarity • manifestation • focus
Smokey Quartz // letting go • surrender • grounding
Selenite // cleansing • light • protection

Each piece is handmade and made to order using natural crystals and wood. Size, color, and shape will vary slightly with each set. The crystals you choose are only noted as preferences and are thus subject to stock availability. The majority of the time, we'll be happy to accommodate your preferences, but we cannot make guarantees. If the crystal you choose is out of stock, we'll substitute it with a different crystal. 


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