Stardust Tarot Deck
Stardust Tarot Deck
Stardust Tarot Deck
Stardust Tarot Deck
Stardust Tarot Deck
Stardust Tarot Deck
Stardust Tarot Deck
Stardust Tarot Deck
Stardust Tarot Deck

Stardust Tarot Deck

Terra Soleil
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  • Product Information
  • Important Note | This deck is currently on a temporary backorder and is expected to ship starting late September 2023.

    Ethereal moon magic and shimmering gold gilt edges make our #1 bestselling Stardust Tarot Deck ™ an enchanting wonder to behold. This is a complete deck of 78 cards in the traditional tarot format, with numbered cards and suits for the major and minor arcana. This deck was designed for anyone to use, from beginners to advanced tarot readers.

    These cards are intricately designed, featuring mesmerizing celestial art designed by Annalise Dragonetti, the founder and creative director of Terra Soleil. 

    Please read the information below carefully before purchasing.

    What's Included?

    • 78 Card Tarot Deck with Gold Gilt Edges
    • Linen Ritual Bag | Eco-Friendly and Reusable
    • Hand Selected Quartz Crystal
    • Gold-Foil Moon + Stars Crystal Pouch
    • Optional 168 Page Guidebook (sold separately here.)

    Details + Dimensions

    • Measures 2.75" x 4.75"
    • Printed on Premium 300GSM Cards
    • Gold Gilt Edges
    • Smooth Satin Finish (not foiled)

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. Does this deck come with a complete guidebook?
    A. The matching guidebook is sold separately. You can purchase the guidebook here.

    Q. Are the front and back of the decks gold-gilded (foiled), or only the edges?

    A. Only the edges of the deck have reflective gold gilt. The front and back of our cards are printed with a smooth, satin finish and are not foiled. The gold printing is part of the digital design of the artwork, so the surface of the deck is not reflective.

    Q. I noticed that gold glitter seems to be falling off the edges of the cards. Is this normal?

    A. Yes, this is a completely normal and unavoidable part of paper printing (think of it as stardust!) Particles of gold-gilt may rub off the edge of the cards after the extremely delicate gilding process. It does not indicate that your cards are faulty in any way. It simply means that your deck is freshly gilded. The gold gilded edges will settle within a few days of opening the cards. Any gold gilt that falls off is simply extraneous and did not adhere to the edges in the first place (since there was already gold gilt in those spots that had adhered to the deck.) Our decks are printed in small batches of less than 1000 units at a time, meaning they are always carefully inspected for quality control after the gilding process has been completed.

    Q. Are the cards in the traditional Rider Waite Tarot format?

    A: Yes, all our tarot decks follow the classic tarot structure. This means that there are 22 major arcana cards (e.g. The Devil, The Empress, etc.) and 56 minor arcana cards (Suit of Wands, Suit of Cups, Suit of Swords, and Suit of Pentacles.)

    Q. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

    A. Yes, we offer wholesale pricing on all of our card decks. For more information, please email us at info@terrasoleil.com Please include your business name, your country, the products you're interested in, and an approximate number of how many units you'd like to purchase.

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